Leonardus constantly updates its patterns catalogue,
by creating new ideas and original solutions to satisfy
a more and more demanding market.

Leonardus offers different types of holographic materials with direct embossing or transfer, and using standard patterns or customised designs.
Products such as polypropylene, polyester, paper and other plastic films are supplied in reels of different width and thickness. These can be laminated to cardboard and/or self-adhesive sticker material, and also cut into sheets if needed for a wide variety of print and packaging applications.

For anti-counterfeiting Leonardus can create customised designs by elaborating graphics and ideas of the client. The results are 2D - 2D/3D - 3D holographic labels, that can also be sequentially numbered, supplied die-cut in reels and sealed in bags. For added security, dynamic effects, crypted texts and micro-texts can be added.
On request Leonardus is able to supply security labels on "tamper evident" material.