First impressions matter, and packaging is no exception: it is the brand’s calling card, the first element by which customers will judge it. Original, vibrant, and eye-catching packaging like holographic can really set it apart! Impressing and delighting the consumer with meticulously designed and personalised boxes is the key to earning their trust, receiving positive reviews, enhancing social media presence, and building a solid brand reputation.

The use of holography, with its vibrant colours, dynamic lights, and captivating movements, enables you to elevate the presentation of your product packaging or labels, increasing its visibility and instantly grabbing the consumer’s attention.

Working with designers, graphic studios, converters, printers and the brands themselves, at Leonardus we have developed an extensive product portfolio, each time devising tailor-made solutions for each requirement.

We can produce various holographic products:

  • Holographic self- adhesive film in rolls for your labels
  • Holographic laminates for luxury boxes
  • FSC-certified and plastic-free holographic paper for your sustainable packaging
  • Holographic multiple layers for the flexible packaging industry

Download the PDF archive of patterns in the PATTERN section or contact us for a sample book or advice.