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Leonardus holographic films have a large number of different applications and endless customisation possibilities, making them versatile and suitable for different market segments. The brilliance, colours, three-dimensionality and movement provided by the holographic technique will make your product design stand out for its originality.


Leonardus has built its success since its early years by supplying holographic material to the publishing industry, a sector where reliability and prompt delivery are imperative.

We also support licensing programmes through the creation of customised holographic products, guaranteeing the originality of the product that will be distributed.


First impressions matter, and packaging is no exception: it is the brand’s calling card, the first thing by which customers will judge it. Original, vibrant, and eye-catching packaging like holographic can really set it apart!


Ensuring the quality and authenticity of their products is crucial for many luxury brands, as well as other sectors. Security holographic seals are also used by government bodies, banks, retailers, and individuals because they are impossible to replicate.

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